Future of Solar In Arizona

As the elections are now wrapping up Sky High Energy has kept a close eye on the elected officials in all of our locations. The growing solar market in Arizona has seen it’s share of turbulent times, but rest assured that our newly elected officials still have solar in their mind.

Arizona’s Corporation Commission’s newly appointed representatives are comprised of 3 republican representatives including Susan Bitersmith, Gary Pierce, and Brenda Burns. Arizona’s “solar team” which included incumbents Paul Newman and Sandra Kennedy and hopeful Marcia Busching fell short of a winning vote, but has had a lasting impact on the importance of solar regulations with utility companies.

Susan Bittersmith Gary Pierce Brenda Burns Photos Courtesy of the individual’s respective website.

Those who perceive this as a slowing to solar progression in Arizona must keep in mind that the newly elected official’s goals are inline with reducing upfront cost of solar for customers by way of promoting economic demand to drive installation and manufacturing costs down, rather than through government subsidies for solar rebate programs. They hope to accomplish this through competitive solar markets across the valley to reduce dependency on these subsidies.

Right now is still a great time to go solar with Sky High Energy. We have lease and financing options allowing homeowners to generate clean, reliable energy while saving monthly on their power bill and hedging against future rate increases.

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